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        No.12517 Jingshi West Avenue,JiNan, ShanDong,China
        110kV power transformers
          Product overview
          The 110kV oil-immersed power transformer is one of the main products in our company, with the maximum capacity of 240,000 kVA, meeting all technical requirements of National Standard and the Standard of IEC.. It is the only core enterprise in Shandong to produce up to 220kV power transformers planned by original Ministry of Machine-Building Industry. In 1968, we successfully produced two sets of 7500kVA/110kV transformers which have been selected by national satellite launching base. We have designed and produced the first 110kV 31500 kVA three windings coil aluminium wire transformer by ourselves in China 110kV power transformers in 8, 9, 10 series and new S9 series distribution transformers passed identification organized by State Administration of Machinery Industry and State Power Corporation of China, 4 series 110kV were regarded as the national major new products by China Economic and Trade Council and National Science & Technology Committee in 1999.SSZ9-40000kVA was regarded as key project by Shandong Provincial Economic and Trade Commission in 1999, and new S9 series was regarded as Shandong Provincial Torch Project by Provincial Scientific Committee. Our products are applied to several national key projects such as Beijing Olympic Games, Qinghai-Tibet railway and Jiuquan satellite launching base,etc.