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         Products Introduction
         Design Advantage
         Products Research
         Patent Technology
        No.12517 Jingshi West Avenue,JiNan, ShanDong,China
          The 220kV oil-immersed power transformer is one of the main products in our company. It is the only core enterprise in Shandong to produce up to 220kV power transformers planned by original Ministry of Machine-building Industry.
          The 110kV oil-immersed power transformer is one of the main products in our company, with the maximum capacity of 240,000 kVA, meeting all technical requirements of National Standard and the Standard of IEC..
           The design and manufacture of epoxy resin poured transformer in Jinan Zhiheng Special Transformer Company adopts Germany Siemens technology. Our products have the following characteristics.
          All product of our company are designed independently, self-developed, complete product range including 3 main type 7 kinds of transformer. The main products are: S11-M type 10kV full-sealed distribution transformer, ……
          YB series prefabricated substation (also called box-type substation) integrates high voltage power distribution device, power transformer and low voltage power distribution device into a whole or several cabinets compactly according to a certain line scheme.
          XD Jinan Transformer Co.,Ltd, is a specialized manufacturer of transformer tank and accessorial metal structure parts. It is also the national largest, most advantaged specialized tank production basis with national advantage tank producing line: ……