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        No.12517 Jingshi West Avenue,JiNan, ShanDong,China
        Zhi Heng, Jinan Transformer Co., Ltd. has successfully signed
        a contract about the project of five dry-type transformers with Infineon, Malaysia
          After the successful cooperation with Infineon about twelve dry-type transformers in 2010, Zhi Heng Power Equipment Company, Jinan Transformer Co., Ltd. has successfully signed a contract with Infineon about five dry-type transformers in July this year after numerous consultations with our customers. Two of the five transformers are SCZLB-10000/33 dry-type OLTCs.
        Infineon Malaysian Company is a giant of international semiconductor industry. Before the cooperation with us, all of their dry-type transformers are well-known brand in Europe .Since they used our two SCZLB-10000kVA/33kV dry-type OLTCs and other ten small-capacity dry-type transformers last year, Infineon experienced a process from try to use to full of confidence in us. Our users have repeatedly given us feedback about our products, and compared with the well-known brand in Europe of same capacity, our transformers have better running conditions, lower noise and lower temperature.
        The delivery of this order of five dry-type transformers is very tight; especially the SCZLB-10000/33 OLTCs
        , for the requirements of their delivery and quality are very strict. So this is another test for quality of our products and production efficiency.
        To ensure the delivery of the load switch, our general manager contacted personally with the head in China of MR switch and invited its Asia Pacific sales manager to our company to negotiate, and received their high attention about this. After contacted with their production sector, they adjusted the schedule of switch production and use air transportation to China, and eventually made the delivery time a week earlier than expected, providing a guarantee on time delivery for our transformers. To ensure the quality of our products, the chief engineer convened technology, manufacturing, materials economy, quality and sales department and held a special meeting, highlighted a number of issues to be aware.
        During the execution of this order, Malaysia is intended to sign a contract of six dry-type transformers with us. Currently the project is under further negotiation.
        Through the dry-type transformers exported to Malaysia, our company has set a model project in Malaysia, laying a good foundation for further opening up the international market. Meanwhile, we have had a better understanding about the quality requirements of export products as well as more information about the shortcomings of the product details, and they will be improved in practice.