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        No.12517 Jingshi West Avenue,JiNan, ShanDong,China
        Rush Production at Full Capacity, Work All Day against Time
          Starting from July 19, all stuff of the coil manufacturing winding team, Xi Dian Jinan Transformer CO., Ltd. executed special labor time, they set 8:00 am and 8:00 pm as the boundary and be divided to two groups to work in shifts, in order to complete the coil winding work of five 110kV transformers from Pakistan before August 3.
        It is reported that five Pakistani products were officially put into operation in early July, and their Delivery is October 31. As Pakistan required selecting one of them randomly to test in Shenyang Transformer Research Institute and they specified special spare parts, long-distance shipping and other factors, so the 5 sets of products must be completed before August 23 and meet the experimental conditions. Time is tight, and the task is heavy, especially the coil winding procedure, for their work can’t be completed within normal working hours. As the first procedure of transformer production, it will affect the following procedures if the work can’t be completed on time. Then all production plans must be postponed and will result in inability to deliver goods, which will bring negative impact on our company. Faced with this emergency situation, the coil manufacturing winding team volunteered to work in shifts around the clock in order to complete the coil winding work before August 3 according to plan. Under the leadership of the coil winding manufacturing manager and the coil winding team leader, all stuff battled heat and work all day, contributed themselves to the work selfless in order to complete the Pakistan’s products earlier. They truly reflect the fearless spirit to fight tough battles and to win the war of Jinan Transformer Co., Ltd.
        It is worth mentioning that in order to fully cooperate with the coil winding team several individual procedures of the coil manufacturing also worked overtime until 8:00 pm; the department of technology and design increased their stuff to track the whole process of production; offices and the union also arranged corresponding bus and dinner, supper.