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        No.12517 Jingshi West Avenue,JiNan, ShanDong,China
        Xi Dian Jinan Transformer Co., Ltd.
        Successfully Held the Appraisal meeting of New Products
          New S (F) S10-180000/220-circuit voltage regulator power transformer
        and six other models of new products passed technical appraisal
          The Appraisal meeting of Xi Dian Jinan Transformer Co., Ltd.’ s New Products hosted by Jinan City Commission by letter was successfully held on 14 April. General manager Li Jiangping, deputy chief engineer Wu Zeyu, chief designer Zhang Tongyuan, Zhi Heng’s chief engineer Gu Jianwei and other project-related technical stuff participated the meeting.
        The evaluation committee listened carefully to the company’s report of work summary, economic analysis and user’s view, examine the identification materials and test reports, visit the production site and select part of the routine pilot projects to test. The conclusion after their discussion, questions, and full evaluation is: the new S (F) S10-180000/220-circuit voltage regulator power transformer which was certified, the urban rail transport dry traction rectifier transformers(ZQSCB10-4000/33)and other five models of new products have superior performance, mature and advanced technology, their technical parameters and performance indicators have reached and better than the advanced level of similar products. The evaluation committee agreed that the 7 models of new products pass technical appraisal and they can be put into mass production.