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        No.12517 Jingshi West Avenue,JiNan, ShanDong,China
        Gregory Anderson visited Xi Dian Jinan Transformer Co., Ltd.
          In March 23, American IEEE member, independent registered professional electrical engineering consultant, Gregory Anderson visited Xi Dian Jinan Transformer Co., Ltd. to discuss with leaders of our company and toured the factory and workshop.
        Leaders of our company such as General Manager, deputy party secretary Li Jiangping, vice president Chu Zheng and Wang Changzheng, Chief Engineer Gu Jianwei of Zhi Heng, vice president of international trade Chen Lei received consultant Anderson, and introduced the basic situation of our company as well as the company's leading products, R & D level and capacity of process equipment, and also gave detailed answers about Anderson’s questions. Then Anderson visited the large transformer manufacturing department, branch manufacturing plant of metal structure and Zhi Heng's Workshop accompanied by the leadership. Anderson gave us many feasible suggestions about the production site, manufacturing processes, product packaging and other aspects.
        Consultant Anderson advised that he was very satisfied with the overall environment of our company, because we have bright and spacious workshop, excellent technical equipments, clean and tidy production site. Then he wrote an inscription for our company, hoping that our products will go to the U.S. market earlier.