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        No.12517 Jingshi West Avenue,JiNan, ShanDong,China
        Leaders of Manila Philippines Branch, Bank of China Visits China XD Electric
          On August 3, with the company of Sun Xiquan, President of Shaanxi Province Branch, Bank of China, Du Qiang, President of Manila Philippines Branch, Bank of China, all arrived China XD Electric for investigation and survey. Vice General Manager of China XD Electric, and Yang Baolin, President and General Manager of Xian Electric made cordial talks with the guests. Pan Manyi, Chief Accountant of Xian Electric attended the talks.
        Yang Baolin introduced product situation and technical strength of China XD Electric to the guests, and specifically introduced overseas marketing network layout of Xian Electric, development situation of overseas power transmission and distribution market as well as the demand situation of enterprise financing and financial support. Yang Baolin indicates that, according to the development strategy of China XD Electric and excellent estimate for the market in Philippines, we hope both parties to be able to often communicate and constantly enhance the strategic cooperation between enterprise and bank, develop more business varieties and jointly promote the implementation of "going out" strategy for Chinese enterprises.
        Du Qiang praised the achievements of China XD Electric in recent years, especially the good performance in the international power transmission and transformation market development field, made a specific introduction of domestic and overseas business development situation of Bank of China, and expressed the good intention for establishing joint development, reciprocity and mutual benefit relationship with Xian Electric.
        During the talks, Pan Manyi exchanged the ideas with the leaders of Bank of China concerning the cooperation of specific business.