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         Enterprise Honor
        No.12517 Jingshi West Avenue,JiNan, ShanDong,China

          XD Jinan Transformer Co., Ltd. (its predecessor was Jinan Transformer Group Co., Ltd.) is a professional transformer manufacturer with 62 years of history, which is the only key enterprise engaged in the production 220 kV and below power transformer in Shandong Province approved by the original Ministry of Machinery and Industry, implementing enterprise of National Torch Program, high and new tech enterprise in Shandong Province; it is also one of top 500 machinery enterprises in China, top 500 largest machinery enterprises in China, top 100 power enterprises in China and Top 20 power equipment providers in China. In December 2010, Jinan Transformer Group Co., Ltd. and China XD Group (hereinafter called China XD for short) signed a capital increase and share expansion agreement to become a investor and controller of China XD and officially changed its name into XD Jinan Transformer Co., Ltd.

          The main products of the newly established XD Jinan Transformer Co., Ltd is 500 kV and below oil-immersed transformers, distribution transformers, dry-type transformers, box-type transformer substations, oil tanks of large transformers, 750 kV extreme high voltage transformers, special transformers and transformers used in the wind power facilities.

          Over the years, with good reputation, excellent quality and high quality service, the products are sold to 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions as well as a number of foreign markets. 110 kV transformers are used in Beijing 2008 Olympic projects, Jiuquan Satellite Launch Base, Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Tiananmen Square substation, Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan power grid, key gymnasiums, large metallurgical, mining, power plants and other key national projects, and gradually moving towards South Africa , Congo, Indonesia, Laos, Mongolia and other international markets. Dry-type transformers are safely used in Tiananmen Square, 2008 Olympic Games venues, CPPCC National Committee Building, Government Conference Centre, embassy area, subway, oil field, automobile factories, large power plants, airports, hospitals, luxury hotels and many other key projects and are exported to South Africa , Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Pakistan, Mongolia and other countries. Box-type distribution transformers and substations are safely used in Jinan-Qingdao speedway and many key cities.

          Qinghai-Tibet Railway uses the power transformers produced by the Company in the 110 kV substations in Qinghai Province, so the Company becomes one of the 110 kV transformer manufacturers of the plateau railway power supply systems in the condition of the world’s highest elevation and more than 40 degrees below zero. In the "2008 Beijing Olympic Games" construction projects, the Company has won orders for more than 50 transformers, and became a major power equipment supplier in China. During the Olympics, more than 500 sets of the equipments ran in the command center and Bird’s Nest and many important places, realizing 100% zero defect running and winning the award of “29th Olympics Power Safety Contribution” granted by Beijing Power Corporation.

          As a key transformer manufacturing base of China XD Group for the sales to North China and East China and exports to East Europe, XD Jinan Transformer Co., Ltd will realize the “three five three” development goal during the twelfth five year, i.e., to realize the three adjustments of asset structure, production structure and market structure of XD Jinan Transformer Co., Ltd and to realize the product sales income of 3 billion Yuan in the five years.

          We give our sincere thanks to the people caring, supporting and helping XD Jinan Transformer Co., Ltd. And we hope to cooperate and seek common development with friends from all over the world.