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         Enterprise Culture
         Cultural Life
         New Look of Enterprise
         A Glimpse of Staff
         The Staff Life
        No.12517 Jingshi West Avenue,JiNan, ShanDong,China
          Joint creation: Firstly, it means joint creation of the whole staff in the enterprise, based on an inseparable community combined by common interests between the enterprise and the staff, to seek the mutual development. Secondly, strengthen the cooperation with all social sectors to seek common interest.
          Pioneering for the best: Firstly, it means that when we focus on the development of enterprise, we should simultaneously focus on the environment and harmony of the nature. To make positive efforts to create a resources saving, environment protecting and technology improving enterprise. Secondly, vigorously advocate the Chinese traditional virtue and interpersonal relationship.
          Morality: The working style of Party, company and staff is upright. The leaders’ style of ideology, work and behavior is upright.
          Unification: To realize the unity of ideology, actions and decisions, let us work together to create a better future of Jibian.
          Strength, upward growth: All the staff should cultivate the thought of hardships to meet the challenges of the market. Leads at all levels with a sense of responsibility and mission should bear the important task with the stall to accelerate the development of Jibian.
          Establishing the brand: It means the implementation of the brand management strategy, establish the quality awareness, and create famous-brand products.
          Credit is the basis: In diverse management activities, the enterprise and the staff should operate in accordance with the law, handle affairs with veracity, abide by the contract, punctual delivery and high service.
          Manufacturing the competitive products: The products manufactured by Jibian ensured safety, energy conservation, reliability of the power grid and maximized the expected benefits, improved customers’ own competitiveness, which we called win-win.
          Make Jibian thoughtful: Our aim of ideological construction is to build a staff team with highly integration of execution, creativity and affinity, which is the key point to win market and the inner support of enterprise for lasting long.
          Let Jibian be in the market: Establishing brand, establishing market reputation, meeting market needs, leading market development and building century enterprise are our development goals of being in market for a long time.